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My introduction to floristry

My introduction to floristry

After I completed a floral art course at a community college in 2004 I craved more. I had a taste of creating beauty with nature and had a huge desire to create more. I enjoyed the colours, textures, fragrance and the pleasure of admiring them when I took them home every week. I wanted to create natural beauty for others to lift their mood and celebrate all occasions.

Before long I enrolled in a bridal floristry course that I attended weekly whilst managing a boutique. I believe every florist has a master floristry style . A master florist style brings out their natural talent and becomes like a second language. My floral language is wedding and event work. From the deigning, the planning, the colour matching, flower section and creating wedding flowers the transformation just flows. Within a month after completing my first bridal course I set off interstate to create wedding flowers and haven’t look back since.

I continued to manage a boutique and work on Saturdays at my local florist in the Eastern suburbs. It wasn’t long before I left the boutique and enrolled in a full time Floristry course in Sydney whilst working every other day at the florist. I worked with the most amazing Italian family. They were my first floral family and I will always be grateful for Connie and her family hiring me. They were the most inspiring introduction to Floristry. I have many fond memories of creating flowers and story telling. Connie told the most funniest stories and always supplied delicious morning tea usually from the local patisserie. As I mentioned before, my floral language was wedding work. Connie needed a florist shop assistant to create boxed arrangements and bouquets and she needed someone to create them quickly as the store was located in a busy Westfield shopping centre. Let’s just say that my first trial didn’t go too well. I had to create a box arrangement and posy. After my trial I went home and I cried because they were so bad. They were uneven, lopsided and defiantly were not spiralled posies. Boxed flowers was definitely not my floral language;) Connie called me the next day and asked me to come in again. There were 3 other girls that also had a trial to work in the florist but she wanted to teach me and thought that I would be a better fit in her family florist business.

I thought Connie was crazy and I couldn’t believe my luck. This is how my floristry journey started πŸ™‚

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