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8 stunning floral wedding structures to make your guests say ‘Wow’!

8 stunning floral wedding structures to make your guests say ‘Wow’!

Natural beauty enhanced with a native floral arbour for a wedding ceremony held at Kangaroo valley Bush Retreat.

When you think of wedding flowers, there are lots of ideas beyond the bridal party bouquets. Using flowers as features for your ceremony or reception can tie together the style elements of your wedding. The best thing is that all the structural options – from alters and arbours to chandeliers and flower walls – can be customised to suit your wedding style, colour scheme and flower choices.

Your ceremony contains so many precious moments – walking down the aisle, exchanging rings, speaking your vows, the kiss and exiting as a married couple. Using floral structures to frame these moments will create the most beautiful visual memories. The decoration of your altar or ceremony space will define the look and feel of the rest of your wedding.

Floral structures don’t only feature in ceremonies though. Use flowers as the centerpieces of your reception decor too. Beyond table runners and arrangements, think about using a flower wall as a backdrop for guests selfies. Or hanging flower arrangements from the ceiling like chandeliers.

When you are thinking about what kind of floral structures to use in your wedding decoration, keep in mind these points:

  • Look for natural structures in the ceremony or reception space – things like alters, trees, verandas, gates, walls, ceiling beams and statement windows
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to using only one floral structure. You might use floral pillars at the beginning of an aisle leading to a circular alter backdrop. Or you could combine a flower wall and chandelier to frame the ceremony.
  • Sometimes less is more though, so consult your florist to get their advice on what will work best across all the elements of your wedding
  • Take advantage of natural views using floral structures as frames – don’t block that beautiful ocean, mountain or bush land backdrop, enhance it
  • Some structures may need certain flower types to work well – maybe long stems, clusters of blooms, or hardy flowers. Consult with your florist to check flower choice, seasonal availability and colour schemes

Take a look at the structural options listed below and have a think about how they might work to make your wedding a jaw-dropping, exquisite feast for they eyes (and Instagram account!). Let your dreams blossom into reality!

Vintage doors dressed with flowers for a ceremony at Peppers in The Southern Highlands


The wedding alter is a table or raised platform in a church that the couple stand in front of when they exchange nupitals. Large flower arrangements placed on top of the alter create the centrepiece, which can also be used to decorate the bridal table at the reception. But you don’t need to get married in a church to have an alter – you can add a table to any ceremony location and create a magnificent floral centerpiece. It doesn’t have to be a table either, you can get creative with fountains, sculptures, vases and columns.


The arch is a symbol of the future home of a couple. Standing beneath an arch during the ceremony symbolises the beginning of a new phase of life together. Also known as arbours, an arch structure is a simple but stunning way to frame the ceremony. Arbours can be constructed from whatever material suits your wedding style. Wood is popular, and there are lots of metal frames that make a great foundation for floral arrangements too. The floral elements can range from understated elegance to exuberant extravaganza – let your imagination go wild!

Arbour of wild flowers and blush pink floral for a stunning wedding at Mayfield gardens, Oberon
Photo captured buy Erin and Erica from Margan Photography


Looking for a modern take on the arbour? Think about using a large circular frame as the backdrop for your nupitals. The floral design options are almost limitless – from dense clusters of roses for the classic style to whisps of greenery for a natural, whimsical style. The circle theme can also be taken into the cermony, using a collection of smaller circle frames as the backdrop for the bridal table or for guest selfies.

Circle arbour created for The Goulburn district race club


The key feature of a canopy are four posts with a fabric covering. The fabric is often semi-sheer in shades of white or ivory – or you can pick a vibrant colour based on your wedding palette and really make it a stand out feature. Flowers can decorate the spots where the fabric ties to the posts, as well as bordering along the frame. Canopies can be great for summer weddings to provide some stylish shade for the bridal party. They also work well with beach and garden weddings in any season. If you don’t want the canopy over the bridal party you can use them to cover the guest seating area or an outdoor cocktail space. Indoor canopies can frame the bridal table or create a stunning entrance way.


Floral pillars are stand alone vertical arrangements used to frame entrance ways. You might use them at the beginning, end or all along the aisle. Groupings of pillars, or large singular pillars, can create an impressive entrance way to your reception. They can also go either side of the table where you sign your marriage certificate, the wedding cake display, or the wishing well/gift table. The beauty of pillars is they are so flexible in style. They can range from dense blocks of blooms to playful sprays of flowers. You can also combine flowers with other materials to create pillars to match any wedding style. Grouping of numbers of three pillars of different heights are particularly attractive, especially if you are using them as a feature to frame your altar. Ideas for different pillar styles include:

  • tall vases overflowing with blooms
  • marble columns topped with large floral arrangements
  • clear acrylic bases supporting big, colourful blossoms
  • minimalist metal frames draped with foliage and greenery

Buildings and Trees

Rather than hiring or building a structure, see if there are existing building structures you can use as the backdrop for your ceremony or reception. Think about getting married on the verandah of an old shearing shed, or under the pergola in a botanical garden. Floral accents can be used to add colour, tie the new in with the old, and bring together the different elements of your location.

I love working on weddings on family properties. Often, the ceremony takes place under a huge old tree that has been a special part of the bride and/or groom’s story. Using a natural structure as the backdrop creates a beautiful sense of intimacy and history. Plus it provides shade from the sun or shelter from the elements. A growing trend is to hang or drape flowers down from the tree branches to create a natural canopy over the bridal party.

Floral feature on a tree for a ceremony held on a gorgeous property for a Goulburn wedding.

Flower Walls

You can’t get a more delightful backdrop for photos with your guests that a wall covered in beautiful blooms. They are guaranteed to get your wedding trending on Instagram! You can also use a flower wall as the backdrop for your ceremony, or hang one behind the bridal table. For a different take on the flower wall try these options:

  • create a floral waterfall by hanging strings of blooms or individual flowers from the ceiling or a frame
  • use recycled wood, vintage doors or an old metal gate for the wall – leave parts of it uncovered by flowers to create a rustic feel
  • include sections of greenery and/or foliage as well as flowers
  • think outside the square (or rectangle) and use a circle or geometric shape for the wall
  • add a prop – like a vintage or antique style couch – to up the insta-worthy factor
Flower Wall of pink, white and apricot floral for a wedding at Old Coach Stable, Gunning.

Chandeliers and Suspensions

Floral chandeliers are a magnificent way to bring the garden inside. And to create a breathtaking feature for your reception. They take the traditional floral table arrangement and elevate it to float above you and your guests. Many include lights to add to the ethereal effect – floral chandeliers will make your feel like you are feasting in a fairy garden!
Floating floral arrangements are magical as the visual focal point for your ceremony too. Like an elevated altar or art installation. Draw all eyes to the couple by suspending a large floral arrangement above the bride and groom.

Incorporating floral structures into your wedding decorations is a fantastic way to add extra interest and style. And with all these great options that can be modified to suit your wedding theme, colours and flowers the possibilities are endless!

Feeling inspired or have questions? Book in for a free consultation and I can help you design the floral structures that will have everyone talking about your wedding. Let your dreams blossom into reality!

Ceremony backdrop for a wedding in Queensland.

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