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Forget Me Not Funeral Bloomz

Forget Me Not Funeral Bloomz

Beks Bloomz strives to express your loved ones life experiences and personality through floristry. We deliver casket covers, wreaths, sheaths, floral lettering & names, floral funeral sprays, single floral tributes and everything in between. Every tribute is personalised and designed to best suit your requirements.

For those who need guidance in choosing what flowers you would like to use, below is a floral meaning for funeral flowers.


Lilies are one of the most common types of funeral flowers, and it’s hard to go wrong with a traditional bouquet.

Lily funeral flower meaning: White lilies symbolise purity, sympathy and the innocence that has been restored to the departing soul.

Funeral Flower - White Lilies


Carnations are a funeral flower commonly used in casket sprays and standing funeral sprays.

Carnation funeral flower meaning: The meaning of a carnation is dependant on its colour. Red symbolises admiration and affection and white symbolises innocence and purity. Pink carnations are an appropriate flower for Christian funeral services as they stand for remembrance and are believed to have been created from the Virgin Mary’s tears.


Gladioli are a tall flower, with a stem that can measure around one metre in length. Due to it’s rigid structure, it is ideal for standing funeral sprays and can often be seen set up at the front of the service next to the coffin.

Gladioli funeral flower meaning: Gladiolus symbolise moral integrity, honesty and strength of character.

Funeral Flower - Gladiolus


Roses are one of the most recognisable and well known flowers in popular culture – particularly red roses which symbolise love. However, as a funeral flower, roses can take on a number of different and more nuanced meanings.

Rose funeral flower meaning: Red roses symbolise love, and the deeper red / crimson roses also symbolise grief. White roses symbolise innocence and reverence, and pink roses represent thankfulness and appreciation of the deceased. Yellow roses are an appropriate funeral flower for friends as they symbolise strong bonds.

A beautiful touch if you are arranging a mixed bouquet is to include a single rose in the bunch, which expresses enduring love for the deceased.

Funeral Flower for Friends - Yellow Rose


Chrysanthemum funeral flower meaning: Chrysanthamums represent honour and respect for your loved one.

In parts of Europe, chrysanthemums are used exclusively for funerals and for no other occasions. In Asian countries, white chrysanthemums symbolise death, sorrow and grief. Whereas in the United States, they are regarded as a cheerful and celebratory flower.

Funeral Flower - White Chrysanthemum

Hydrangea Plant

Rather than a bouquet, you might consider giving a potted plant. A hydrangea is an ideal choice for this as it is an extremely rugged flower. It will grow in almost any conditions and will continue to bloom for many seasons.

Hydrangea funeral flower meaning: The hydrangea symbolises heartfelt and sincere condolences.

Funeral Flower - Hydrangea

Orchid Plant

Similar to the hydrangea plant, the orchid is another good option if you would like to give something longer lasting than a bouquet.

Meaning of orchid funeral flower: Orchids generally symbolise everlasting love, and pink and white orchids represent sympathy.

Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips and daffodils are typically cheerful, bright and vibrant flowers that you might not associate with a funeral flower. However, at a time of death they can serve as a reminder of hope and happiness. They are a more appropriate flower to send to the family home rather than to bring to the funeral.

Meaning of tulips and daffodils as funeral flowers: As tulips and daffodils bloom in Spring, they signify new beginnings. Daffodils and yellow tulips represent cheerfulness, and red tulips signify love.

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