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Take time to connect with nature and bring outside in.

Take time to connect with nature and bring outside in.

Take time to connect with nature and bring outside in.

Spending time in nature is so beneficial to our health and well-being. It calms us – reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and anger.

Take time to enjoy bringing nature inside your home.

These are my favourite 3 ways to bring outside in


Fresh blooms inside your home freshen your air, add fragrance to your room as they compliment your interior design and make you feel better and think clearer.

3 of my favourites are;

Oriental lilies for their stunning fragrance.

Roses for their beauty as they bloom.

Orchids for their colour and longevity. Did you know that Orchids like to drink through their blooms also so give them a spray to last even longer.

2. Indoor plants

Lush indoor plants purify the inside air in your home, clear your mind, improve concentration and help you relax.

I recommend Peace Lily, Anthurium and Monstera.

3. Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils in your home purifies the inside air, improves your health, increases energy and helps you sleep better.

My recommendation for every home is the Mood Management kit.

The Mood management kit includes 4 beautiful blends already created for you to uplift your mind, elevate your mood, calm and ground everyone in your home and rest well.

I have many upcoming quality floral workshops this year.

The first workshop for the year is on Friday 11th January 7pm-9pm in my studio. You will enjoy sipping on a glass of bubbles whilst you create your own vase flower arrangement, tealight candle and bath bomb for you to take home and enjoy.

Hope to see you soon


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