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Bek’s Bloomz 1st Blog Post

Bek’s Bloomz 1st Blog Post

Bek’s Bloomz 1st Blog Post

Let me introduce myself and get you up to date with Bek’s Bloomz.

My name is Rebecca Gerstner and you are probably wondering why I spell my name with a K when I am a cca Rebecca 🙂 Through school and work there were always other Rebeccas so I was always a Rebecca M, Becca, Beck, Becky Boo and until a work colleague changed it to Bek with a K and it stuck. Then they turned it into Bekstar. I think I am just one of those people that gets different nicknames wherever she goes hehe.  My mum still calls me Rebecca Louise when she wants my attention and my hubby has noticed that works well also.

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children Lilijana, Sebastian and Ella-Rose who I love and are my why behind every decision I make. I have been married to my husband Dinko for 11 years. I wanted to create a business that allowed me the flexibility to support my children whilst they were growing up. In my spare time I love to run so most mornings start with exercise. In my opinion it is the best way to start the day and it is pretty much my only spare time. Can’t say I love it at the start but as they say – you never regret a run after it has been ran. This is very true for me. I ran a marathon in 2016 and found it tough but that finish line was pretty amazing. Now I run for fun, usually to a cafe with friends.

Working from home has it’s challenges but the flexibility is invaluable to me. Time is precious! I treasure our family time together. You will find us at the Shellharbour beach on Sundays in the warmer months.

I wanted to start a business and of course Bec’s Blooms was already taken so I ended up with Bek’s Bloomz and it felt right so I registered that business name and here I am 8 years later trading as Beks Bloomz.

As I launched Bek’s Bloomz in 2010 I was sitting at my dining table connecting with growers and other local businesses in our region so I could learn about the area and our industry. I initially launched as a wedding florist and started to meet people and show them my work and started getting referrals ( which I will never take for granted) and wedding bookings. I then started to expand and take over my husbands garage;) It was a bit of a touchy subject as he is a car enthusiast but I slowly created my workspace where I could create. There were a few testing moments and I quite often made my way back to my dining table to look after my children as I worked. That’s what Mums are best at aren’t they?! Multitasking!! There were many arrangements created in our house in the heart of Goulburn but eventually we exploded out of our little white shack and my hubby’s garage like a floral bomb.

2016 was a huge year!

We moved twice, sold 2 houses and bought a new house within 3 months. Crazy is not the correct word to use. Imagine 3 kids, hubby away on a car trip, operating a business and living in 3 houses in 3 months – experiencing the change of environment for everyone. I was pushed to my limit and I was done. I almost thought that I didn’t have a passion for flowers anymore. Running a business was becoming a challenge. Flowers brightened up my soul but everything became too hard basket!!

Our new house had an amazing space that would be perfect for a florist ( it even had a seperate entry) OMGOSH!! I was in shock and upstairs there was another beautiful space ( didn’t know what I was going to do with it but I loved it).

In the transition of getting everyone settled I decided that if I were to continue my business working from home  I desperately needed a self-care plan.

Self-care must be a priority not just an option!!

After this decision I introduced essential oils into my life and business.

I diffused essential oils as I worked which helped me get my mojo back and reignite my passion. I have been using essential oils to help calm me down when I experience extreme deadlines at different venues with event installations. I couldn’t help myself but to create with these beautiful high quality essential oils. I soon started to create non toxic products for our home, health and beauty. Now I have a gorgeous range of handmade toxin free products available and host monthly workshops in our studio upstairs and teach others how to do the same.

I also have a Yoga Instructor teach classes upstairs now in that beautiful space. Another way  that supports my wellness and self-care journey. I am leading my family in the right direction and Yes, my hubby and children do yoga classes now also and experience Aromatouch treatments. Another benefit that comes with working from home.

As I launch this new website I want to welcome you to connect with me if you would like to learn about essential oils, send something beautiful to your special people or experience an Aromatouch treatment (The ultimate essential oil experience).

My mission is brighten up people’s days in our community by making them feel special whilst delivering quality fresh and artificial flower arrangements  in the Goulburn area and offering blissful Aromatouch treatments in our studio.

Aromatouch  is such a beautiful treatment that reduces stress levels, releases inflammation and helps boost your immune system while essential oils are applied through touch to create a relaxing experience.

Aromatouch appointments are available Wednesday – Friday 10am 12pm 2pm
Cost $60 and $50 for Essential Bloomz members.

Please contact me if you have any questions as I am always happy to help.

Hope to be in touch soon


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